Upscale houses, safe bet


During the economic recession suffered by Spain from 2008-2014 there was one market niche that has not seen any decrease or lesser sales, which was the niche of luxury homes. During 2014 sales in this market increased from 30% up to 60%, data improved continued last year and its estimated to continue to grow exponentially in 2016due to the strength of their markets and the Spanish economic consolidation.


Thanks to the improvement of the image of Spain as a competent country and due to the recovery of confidence in the Spanish financial sector, buyers with high purchasing power started again to come back and purchase a property mainly at the coast which enjoy an excellent climate to live in all year round.


So now it’s time to invest in Spain due to price competitiveness in this type of properties, the healthy climate, excellent quality of life and the end of the depreciation of prices in the housing sector, which makes that investors see transactions as a safe investment and benefit of a very good price performance ratio. National buyers seem to be confident to invest in this business and it is a good part of the demand in the luxury sector.


But what is a high-class property? We could say that an upscale house or luxury property is one of more than 200 square meters and will cost from € 500,000 onwards. But a luxury residence does not only depend on the price of the property. Its supply and demand and its location are important. This type of construction should be located in the best geographical areas of each city or town where there are so-called „prime areas“. These areas tend to be well connected and are provided with services to make life easier for the owner of such property. Another more important aspect in the luxury and upscale housing industry is of course, the choice of materials, finishes and style.


Minimalisms connected with high quality finishes are standard. Marble, walnut or beech wood, infinity pools, large gardens… are elements of such a property. Creativity is an added value to these designs and polarized formats that multiply the effects of three-dimensionality to give continuity in immersive environments for properties with those features.


We from TerraOne Estates are pleased to show you properties of all types and many styles.

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Costa Blanca Villa for Sale

Especially the tourist spots Dénia, Jávea and Moraira on the Costa Blanca North in Spain are the area where the real estate broker TerraOne Estates offers an extensive portfolio of properties from cheap to exclusive villas, bungalows and apartments.

Villas from economic to exclusive and in all kind of different styles are being designed by our German in-house architect. All these customised villas can be built on plots in different locations by our quality construction contractor from Valencia.

Customised construction for new builds at the costa blanca means that the client can choose from economic to exclusive features.
Short reaction times and up to 20% energy savings are made possible by the recommended underfloor heating without screed made by the German firm Proline Energy. Advantages are supply temperatures from 30°C, ideal for energy saving heat pumps or solar collectors, saving 4-6 weeks in construction times and a 10 year warranty by the manufacturer.

Suspended ceilings with fitted 5 Watt LED lights help saving up to 80% on your electric bill.

Doors define the style of the house. The client can choose the perfect doors that fit his style and taste for his villa from a catalogue of a German manufacturer of high quality doors. Furthermore, he can choose from a range of door fittings that set the style of the property.

Kitchens made in Germany that fulfil the highest demands on quality, functionality, longevity and design complete the new construction service of TerraOne Estates.

The market and its offers
2015 is considered the last year of the Spanish economic crisis in which it is still possible to make a bargain when buying a second hand property.

In case the client does not find the perfect villa, bungalow, apartment or plot in the firm’s portfolio of currently 250 properties and 100 plots, including sea view land; the agency is more than prepared to find the fitting property at the costa blanca in its vast network of partners.


Personalised services
Of course it’s not enough in Spain to just sign the purchase contract; he will need a Spanish tax number (NIE), a notary and other administrative aspects. TerraOne Estates helps the client with all that and furthermore acts as a broker for mortgages, insurance and a neutral lawyer that acts on the client’s behalf and to check all needed paper work.

You will find the offices of TerraOne Estates on the marvellous Costa Blanca in Jávea, Avenida del Pla 124, local 5 and in Dénia in Calle la Via 59. You can gain your first impression of their portfolio when visiting

Time to Buy Property in Spain ?

Why Now is the Time to Buy Property in Spain.
It is no secret that the 2008 economic crisis hit Spain hard after its property boom collapsed, and with an economy that relies heavily on tourism, the country has struggled for many years to gain strength again. However, according to Spain’s tourism ministry, at the beginning of last year sun-seekers were choosing to return to Spain again as the number of visitors to Spanish destinationshit an all-time high. British tourists were at the top of the list, followed by the Germans and the French.

The international financial markets have been a key driver in the start of Spain’s economic recovery, having quite an impact on the property market. Property prices are still around 40% below what they were since the beginning of the recession but it has meant property investment has increased substantially over the last year or so as buyers see an opportune moment to buy again. Various reports have noted that 55% more British people bought a property in the first three months of last year whilst the number of online searches increased by 51% over the first six months.

This momentum has continued into 2015 thanks to the rise of the pound, dollar and Swiss franc against the Euro. Consequently, Unique Living has seen demand for luxury properties in Spain increase from British, American and Swiss buyers, keen to buy where tourists are flocking to take advantage of renting out their investments.

One of the many attractions of Spain is its local food, adored by both locals and those who visit on holiday. The food and services industry plays a crucial role in Spain and it has suffered tremendously when the recession hit. People were watching their pennies by eating at restaurants less and cutting down their supermarket bills. Local food outlets, quirky markets, food fairs and so on were disappearing by the day.

However, as the country slowly began recover, these local eateries and markets have started to become more popular with shoppers seeking good value for money and the tasty treats that Spain has to offer. With Spain offering absolutely delicious produce to ‘tantalise those tastebuds’, holiday makers are increasingly cooking their local cuisine at home be it al fresco or indoors. Why do you think so many Spanish properties have such impressive kitchens?!?